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All of the items listed below must be met in order to serve or sell food at a the event:

ONO food that is prepared in a home kitchen can be served (unless someone has a cottage food license and they are serving food according to the requirements of that license). Food shall be from an approved source.nly vendors serving out of a certified Commercial Kitchen are authorized to sell food at Midnight Market Atlanta.  Every vendor serving food must produce a copy of their valid ServSafe Certification and their Current- Passing Health Inspection.  Documents must be valid through the event date.  All certifications must be submitted to Event Management 2 weeks prior to the event and all vendors serving food must have their documentation on site during the event.


All documentation, certifications, and contracts must be CURRENT and NOT EXPIRING prior to the event date.  This is non-negotiable.


Every vendor selling goods or services in the state of GEORGIA is required to have a certificate GA Sales Tax Authority.


Thank you for being a vendor at our MMFB Events!

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