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Insurance Information

Thank you for being a vendor at our MMFB Events!


To ease the process of providing a COI:

Below you will find vendor links where the additional insured information will be auto filled for vendors with FLIP or ACT policies.

Any existing policyholders can now search for any of the events listed below when they are filling out the additional insured section and it will auto fill for them and send you the COIs instantly.


*Please note: In order to have the automation work when adding an additional insured, existing vendors will have to search for the events the way the event is listed below. If You do not have insurance, use the links at the bottom of the page to purchase a policy and it will automatically fill out the COI you need.


Vendor Links





Midnight Market Atlanta:





If You Do Not Have A Policy:

BELOW are custom pages that list FLIP and ACT coverage details and provide an option for anyone looking to purchase a policy. If purchased through these links, MMFB event COIs will be automatically filled in and sent to Event Management.


FLIP Coverage Details

ACT Annual Policy Coverage Details

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