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21 unique gifts for foodies

Struggling to figure out that to buy the foodie in your life this holiday? Tired of getting them food baskets? We hear you! We've created an Amazon list for the foodie that appreciates cooking up a storm in the kitchen or the one that loves gadgets and needs a little help. We've also added some fun apparel, to-go containers, food packages and so much more.

1. The Foodie With No Backyard But Loves A Good Firepit Smore:

If your foodie friend loves the great outdoors, this is the gift for them!

2. The Avocado Lover:

Are you the Aunt/Uncle who never knows what to get the nieces or nephews? Get them a phone case with an adorable avocado and you're pretty much set!

3. Foodie Fashion:

For the foodie that loves to show off their love for food, get them the proper apparel. Here are a couple of selections...

4. The "Matcha-Loving" Foodie:

Did your friend just discover on TikTok that they need to drink less coffee and are now addicted to matcha? Get them the ultimate kit to make it at home.

5. The "Back To In-Person"Work Foodie:

Did your friend save a bunch of $$ during the pandemic by WFH and learn how to cook? Do they now need to go back to the office in January? Get them the bento box of their dreams to pack their snacks and store away warm food to enjoy in the office.

6. For The Ice Cream Lover:

Ever go on a picnic and want to bring some ice cream but you're afraid it will fully melt? We don't blame you. This little gadget solves all your pint problems.

7. The BAE-rrito Blanket:

Yes, we realize how corny that was...however we know that foodie bae would LOVE this. Cuddle up in a blanket this winter with the Burrito Throw Blanket.

8. For The Foodie That Buys Everything On Instagram:

If you haven't already seen the ad for Fly by Jing on TikTok or IG, you apparently haven't liked any food content on social media! If your friend is always posting what they've eaten during the day, chances are they've seen this ad 1000x and they've already thought about buying it. Do yourself a favor and just get it for them already.

9. The " Eco-Friendly" Foodie:

If your friend cut back on waste and makes coffee or tea at home, this to-go cup is for them! It's full glass and has a double cup to make sure your drink remains at the temperature you'd like.

10. The Bubble Tea Lover:

Does your friend watch too many "Boba ASMR" videos on Youtube? Do they also have an obsession with their local bubble tea spot, so much so that the shop owner knows their name? Get them the boba kit that will make them feel like a pro!

11. Bubble Tea Continued...

Might as well get them a flashy to-go cup too!

12. The Foodie Who Loves Sazon:

If your friend has their mom make them a huge batch of Sofrito when they come to visit and store containers in their freezer, then maybe it's time they check out Loisa. The founders of Loisa have worked together to recreate the Latinx pantry. They've replaced the typical spices with organic and pure ingredients. Learn more about them here.

13. The Creative Cocktail Drinker:

Do you have a friend who has an entire bar cart filled with the liquor that people gift them, but they don't know how to creatively craft a cocktail? Then this Mixology Dice is the perfect and unique way to help them get the creative juices flowing.

14. The Tiny Kitchen Chef:

Your friend loves to cook, but they barely have any countertop space. Help them get some extra room by getting them a spoon rest and lid holder gadget. This little guy will relieve some stress and help your friend maximize their countertop space.

15. Spoon rest continued...

Honestly, we only included this because it's adorable. LOOK AT IT THOUGH! You can't have too many spoons rests ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

16. For the Charcuterie Board Lover:

Has your friend said over 10x they are opening a charcuterie board business after the pandemic? Then get them the board of their dreams. This thing has gadgets, levels, and drawers. They've never seen anything like this before.

17. The Lover Of All Things Nadiya Hussain:

There's no need for therapy if you watched Nadiya Bakes or The Great British Bake Off on Netflix during the pandemic...JK, get that therapy, but also GET THIS BOOK. Nadiya Hussain's incredible creations take over this 200+ paged book and show off her incredible technique for baking. Get this for the baker friend who is looking to try something new.

18. The Tea Drinker:

For the friend that loves loose leaf tea, this Baby Nessie is for them! It steeps your tea while also looking adorable. Also according to their description, this product will help you " Have a Mug-nificent Tea Time - Never 'kettle' for less!" (yes... this was cheesy, but also HILARIOUS)

19. The International Foodie:

For the friend who missed out on traveling this year but also loves snacking, this one is for you. This mixed box of treats has snacks from Poland, Italy, Greece, and more!

20. The Perfect Gift For The...Oil Infuser Lover...

If your friend is always.. how do we say this... infusing oils to make special cookies... then this gift is perfect for them. Look at it as an investment! Those infused baked goods can be pricey! But hey, get your head out of the gutter. You can make some avocado oil with this too :)

21. The "I Don't Know What to Cook Anymore" Chef:

If your friend complains about not knowing what to cook for dinner, these food dice will help them get their groove back in the kitchen. Foodie Dice provides inspiration for creating simple, seasonal meals.

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