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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Let's face it, the struggle is real! Everyone loves to have a good time, but not everyone can drop hundreds on a night out!

Never fear, Midnight Market is here!

This 21+ Night Market and foodie dance party boasts $5 small bites, Happy Hour bar prices, and a serious dance party that slaps. We're going to show you how to have an amazing night out with $35!

(Just make sure to leave the kids and pets at home!)

So you have $35 in your pocket and a night ahead of you. Here's how to make that money stretch:

1. Get the $5 entrance Price by arriving for the early bird Deal,

6:30-7:30 at the door.

They have online pre-sales, but hands down, the best deal they offer is the $5 (cash) tickets at the door for the first hour of open. Get there before 7:30 and you're good!

[ $35 - $5(Entry) = $30.00 Left ]

2. grab a drink at the bar

The bar at Midnight Market has happy hour pricing all night. The shots are $5, Wine is $6, and the cocktails are $8. Grab a beer to start the night. Depending on you, the cocktails are high ABV so a few dollars more will go a long way in terms of keeping a buzz.

[ $35 - $5(Entry) - $5(Shot) = $25.00 Left ]

3. eat all the things

Midnight Market curates a vendor list of creative and super tasty food vendors! No two are the same, so it's worth your time to try something from multiple vendors. This event is all about stretching your dollar, so each vendor is required to have two $5 menu items. All items are capped at $7 and combos are offered for $9, so there's a deal everywhere.

Grab a $5 item from three different vendors and you're only out $15. Not to mention, now you've got a full belly!

[ $35 - $5(Entry) - $5(Shot) - $15 (Three Food Items) = $10.00 Left ]

4. Do Some Free Activities

Besides eating and drinking, there's plenty of free activities at Midnight Market! They have life-sized Jenga, Giant Twister (if you're feeling limber), Corn Hole, Floor Pong, and sponsors like Liberty Science Center where you can win free tickets to LSC After Dark! There's also plenty of photo opportunities so you can stunt on the Gram- come on... we all do it, you already know!

[ $35 - $5(Entry) - $5(shot) - $15 (Three Food Items) - $0 (Free Games) = $10.00 Left ]

5. snag Another Beer & hit the dance floor

DJ JFuse and DJ Moka keep the party vibes going from the moment doors open until they close at Midnight. After everyone stuffs their faces, the dance floor is lit. It's the best way to work of the cheat day eats! Our DJs are the best in town, they play a little bit of everything from Top 40, to Afro Beats, to Latin, to 90s. There's something for everyone, so be ready to break out your best moves after you've devoured some delicious food!

[ $35 - $5(Entry) - $5(Shot) - $15 (Three Food Items) - $0 (Free Games) - $0 (Dancing)- $5(Beer) = $5.00 Left ]

6. Get Dessert before you leave

With all the food at Midnight Market, it's hard to choose just one thing. That's why all the vendors serve up smaller portions at happy hour prices. It makes it easier to be a foodie and try all the things. Now that you've had a few drinks, eaten dinner, played games, taken pics, and danced it all off... grab something sweet before you head out! The dessert vendors have the best food! There's cannoli empanadas, mochi stuffed waffles, fresh donuts, and hand pies!

[ $35 - $5(Entry) - $5(Shot) - $15 (Three Food Items) - $0 (Free Games) - $0 (Dancing)- $5(Beer)- $5 (Dessert)= $0.00 ]

7. win the game

Congrats! You successfully did Midnight Market on $35! Make sure to round up your crew and celebrate our 3 year anniversary with us on November 15th from 6:30-Midnight. It's the last event of the year and the last event of THE DECADE!! So, you already know it's about to go down.

If you'd like to purchase your tickets online so you have more spending cash at the event- click the link here for tickets.

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