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We get it, it's hard to have dietary restrictions and go to food festivals. Most times, if it's not specifically curated to accommodate veggie friendly guests, the offerings are slim pickin's.

At Midnight Market, we want a fun, affordable, 21+ night out to be accessible to everyone in our foodie family! That's why we curate our list to make sure there are diverse offerings and that most vendors have one or two vegan/vegetarian items on the menu!

Midnight Market has grown into its own over the years and has gained a reputation for being the best foodie dance party in the NYC area. Our food vendors are the best and we want everyone to be able to eat and party with us! So, here's a list of the vendors that you should check out at Midnight Market on November 15th if you're a VEGAN.

Scroll all the way down if you swing vegetarian sometimes. We'll hook it up with a bonus vegetarian list!


Hands down, if you're looking for amazing mexican food without the animal products, you need to check this vendor out! The mexiboys make fried burritos, nachos, & taquitos, all using meat alternatives. It's packed with flavor, texture, and spice (if you ask for it). I personally love the fried burritos and didn't realize it was vegan before I had it!

2. Eemas cuisine

Chef Flo of Eemas cuisine always makes it a point to incorporate vegan dishes into his menu. Haven't been able to taste a Hawaiian Musubi because SPAM obviously isn't your thing? He's got you covered. Try his TEMPEH MUSUBI and take all the instagram pics, because it's a show stopper for sure.

3. gusti di sicilia

Chef Massimiliano will tell you himself, he's from sicily and he's damn proud of it. He handmakes his piadina to order and has several vegan options for fillings. If you haven't tried one of these crispy italian flatbreads before, this is the time to do it. I prefer mine with arugula, bosc pear, roasted red pepper, and a drizzle of his balsamic reduction. He usually brings his Italian espresso machine with him as well, so get a a caffeine jolt before you hit the dance floor.

4. waffle tots

The dish normally includes chicken, but you can definitely order the tater tot waffles without the meat and still get the toppings. I suggest the crispy waffle tot with a combo of ranch and whisky bbq sauce. Have them top it off with some green onion and crispy shallots. It's the move for sure.

5. El Lechon De Negron

Arroz con Gandules is a traditional Puerto Rican side dish that accompanies, well, lechon. However, the folks at El Lechon de Negron make it so flavorful, you can eat it all on its own. Gandules aka pigeon peas, are speckled throughout the savory yellow rice dish that's topped with freshly made pico de gallo. The fresh kick of the lime and the bite of the white onion add another layer of texture and complexity to the already scrumptious dish.

6. Liquid Dinner

The bar rocks out all night with happy hour pricing, so no shade if you opt into having a beer as your dinner calories. There's no judgement from us as long as you hit the dance floor with us at some point!


honorable vegetarian mentions:


eggplant parm garlic knot slider


Literally any sweet/savory crepe


A Fan favorite is the unicorn moffle


Cheesy mozzarella filled sweet corn arepas

Donut Evolution

Grab any of their scrumptious donuts and treat yoself

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Heather Rivera
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