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Takeout Deals and Restaurants offering delivery 4/10

Let's give local restaurants a boost of business in these hard times.

Tonight, this is the list we're all ordering from.

The restaurants are ready for us and offering Midnight Market specials & discounts.

We've also made a list of restaurants in NJ offering delivery during this pandemic.

Let's do this!


It's always better for the restaurant if you call-in and order pick-up. They don't have to pay out any money to apps, very crucial right now. Plus, you get out of the house for some fresh air and a hot second of socially distant human contact! Sounds perf.

**Please note that not all of the restaurants have MM deals. We are also listing restaurants that are offering Delivery and takeout.**

So what is a TAKE-OUT FLASH MOB?

That's a fair question... I feel like we just made that up, so let me explain.

We've compiled a list of local businesses that have been affected by the shut down and need our support!

On Friday, April 10th, we're going to come together as a MIDNIGHT MARKET COMMUNITY and order dinner from one or more of the restaurants on the list! We are also putting an ongoing list of restaurants offering takeout or delivery.

It gives them a burst of cash to pay employees, keep the lights on, and helps them continue normal operations so they can continue making delicious food for us!

I already know you weren't trying to cook on a Friday night in the first place, so this is perfect for you. ;)

Short & Sweet: Let's pool our efforts and focus on the same restaurants tonight. If we're divided they fall. If our money is united, they'll be able to make it through this pandemic.

Next Friday, we'll do it again with another selection of local take-out businesses.

So now that we're all on the same page, when are we doing this?

Let's do it for dinner! The restaurants listed below have agreed to do Midnight Market specials. Give this the same energy you would at one of our events. Order a lil bit of everything, make yourself a couple drinks, and then at nine, we go live with our DJ sets. It's a vibe.

The list is organized by area and gives all the info you'll need. We mostly have JC & Hoboken right now, but if you're socially distancing and need to justify a road trip, there's one shop in Union County and another in Bergen County.

Journal Square

MEZCAL Kitchen

  • LOCATION: 665 Newark Avenue Jersey City NJ

  • HOURS OF OPERATION: 11am-9:30pm


  • PHONE NUMBER: 201-918-5804

  • MIDNIGHT MARKET SPECIAL: 15% off orders over $20.00

  • HOW TO REDEEM: "midnightmarket" coupon code when ordering online

  • INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @MezcalKitchenJC

Downtown jc

Lokal Eatery & Bar

  • LOCATION: 2 2nd St, Jersey City, NJ

  • HOURS OF OPERATION: Closed for now

  • PHONE NUMBER: 201-222-6800

  • MIDNIGHT MARKET SPECIAL: Midnight Market promotion Offer: 25% off Gift Certificates 

  • HOW TO REDEEM: This promo is only available online at

  • INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @lokaljc

Ghost Truck Kitchen

  • LOCATION: 356 Varick Street (Corner of Columbus Dr.)

  • HOURS OF OPERATION: 12 pm-10:00pm

  • LAST ORDER TIME: 9:30 pm

  • PHONE NUMBER: 201-706-3989

  • MIDNIGHT MARKET SPECIAL: 20% off all orders

  • HOW TO REDEEM: Use Promo Code: MM when ordering pickup or delivery through the website (!/order). Enter the promo code at the bottom of the check out page.


Cryo cream

  • LOCATION: 413 Monmouth Street, Jersey City, NJ 07304

  • HOURS OF OPERATION: 2pm-10pm

  • LAST ORDER TIME: 7:55pm

  • PHONE NUMBER: (347) 552-1765


  • HOW TO REDEEM: Password = "Midnight Market" (Pickup Only)


Jersey City

Italian Food

Mediterranean/Middle Eastern







Coffee Shop


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