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That's right, I said it! Don't @ me.

The best happy hour in Jersey City is a food festival and the last one for 2019 is this Friday!

If you're the kind of person that likes Happy Hour because the drink prices are just right and the food is the perfect sized for noshing, Midnight Market is where you need to be on November 15th.

Name another Friday night Happy Hour in Jersey City that has $5 food, a full bar with happy hour prices (all night), and DJs that bring the house down...

I'll wait...

Midnight Market is Jersey and NYC's first 21+ food festival and it's a certified good time.

Located indoors, at the Harborside Atrium, this food festival is nestled on the Jersey City waterfront between Exchange Place and Newport. It starts at 6:30pm and goes until Midnight.

What's the vibe like?

Food people...

we're talking lots of food!

Remember going out about 10 years ago when life wasn't so damn expensive? (Yeah, me too...)

Well, now think of that, mixed with Smorgasburg, and sprinkled with a little throwback Brooklyn Bazaar.

It's ultimate all-night happy hour event in Jersey City and NYC, if we're honest.

There's DJs, there's delicious food, there's drinks, there's free games... Did you say psychics and body paint artists? Yeah, they're there too.

It's a completely 21 and older event.

Come by yourself to grab a bite before going home, come after work for a drink with your coworkers, bring a Tinder date, or use it at the ultimate pre-game before you head into the City.

How do I get therE?

If you're coming to enjoy the joys of cheap drinks and cheap eats... I don't encourage driving.

Spit an Uber or a Lyft with your friends.

Look, everyone should drink responsibly, of course. The thing is, when the prices are right... sometimes the drinks start flowing and the responsibility piece is more about calling a car.

Thankfully, there's also plenty of access to public transportation if that's more your vibe.

  • The Exchange Place PATH station is on the same block.

  • The Newport and Grove St. PATH stations are within walking distance.

  • The Harborside Light Rail stop drops you at the front door. There's a bus stop around the corner.

  • The ferry to Manhattan is at the back of the building. Seriously, the Harborside dock for the NY Waterway is behind the event venue.

So, you've got options. Safety first, so you can enjoy your night.

The event is a GOOD TIME.

Especially if you come in a group. Everyone's eating and playing games. Towards the end of the night, the music is bumpin, the people are dancing, the drinks are flowing, and you should just let the cab driver be the DD.

But more about these flowing drinks...

The Drinks

That's what we're here to talk about in the first place, amirite? The Lutze Biergarten handles the bar at the Harborside Atrium. They put together an exclusive happy hour priced menu for Midnight Market.

The Beers start at $5.00.

Wine is $6.00.

Cocktails are $8.00 - $9.00

It's a full cash bar.

The drinks are strong and delicious. They have canned mixed drinks like margaritas and moscow mules that are delicious and dangerously 14% ABV. If you don't know about ABV content, let me break it down like this... Sip slow and if you're not much of a dancer, let this liquid courage be your spirit guide. You'll instantly become the Lord of the Dance and we'll be your hype man.

Let's Talk Cover

To enjoy the all-night happy hour pricing, there's a cover fee to the food festival and the breakdown works like this:


General Admission tickets just get you into the party. The rest is on you, hit the bar, hit the food vendors, or just dance the night away. Once you're in, you're in. [Learn how to successfully do Midnight Market on $35 only]


$5.00 until Thursday, November 14 at 11pm

$10.00 on Friday, November 15


Before 7:30pm- $5.00 (This is an Early Bird Special from 6:30pm-7:30pm)

After 7:30pm- $10.00


VIP Tickets are only available online via the Eventbrite tickets portal under the "Add Ons" section. VIP ticket holders get entrance plus the merchandise option they purchased. It's a great value for people who want to let their foodie flag fly with some pretty swaggy merch!

Entrance + Midnight Market T Shirt: $25.00

You'll have the option to select the shirt size and they'll get picked up at the front desk.

Entrance + Midnight Market Tote Bag: $20.00

The totes are one size fits all and they're the way to go if you live in Jersey City where shopping bags are banned!

Entrance + Midnight Market Dad Hat: $15.00

Classic dad hat vibes. Rep your favorite foodie party on those bad hair days where only a hat will help!

Now, let's talk FOOD.

It's how you keep the party going.

This food festival is 21 and older. So we all know it's not our first rodeo with a good happy hour. Those drinks will hit quick if you don't have something hearty in your stomach.

That's when the food vendors come into play.

There's 15 food vendors serving up delicious, freshly made bites.

Everything from Lechon Disco Fries, to Japanese Fried Chicken, to Hawaiian Musubis, to Vegetarian Fried Burritos, to Garlic Knot Sliders, to Cannoli Empanada, and more. The event is a foodie's dream.

I could keep going....

Ok, I will...

Mozzarella Arepas

Tater Tot Waffles

Sicilian Arancini

Guava and Cheese Hand Pies

Mochi Stuffed Waffles on a Stick.... and the list goes on.

Savvy people do a full dive into the vendor list before the event on November 15, so they know exactly who to hit before things start to sell out. It's a busy and super fun event, so it's while supplies last! Same as any food festival.

Best thing about this Happy Hour is that it's not like "any food festival". It's literally a foodie nightlife event.

Food, Drinks, Dancing, photo ops, free games, activities, chances to win tickets to other events, and true chilltown jc vibes.

We'll see you this Friday!

November 15th

It's the best happy hour in Jersey City and the last one for the decade!

Round up the crew and we'll see you on the dance floor with a drink in one hand and something scrumptious in the other.

-> I was talking about the food, not your tinder date! <-

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