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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

You've been searching for things to do in Jersey City this weekend and you've got tickets to Midnight Market.

Good choice, because it's going to be litty. Food everywhere, drinks flowing, free games, photo ops, black lights and neon body paint, tarot card readers, lots and lots of dancing...

But what is there to do when the clock strikes Midnight and the festival is over.

Don't stress, everyone knows... after the party it's the afterparty...

We got you covered with a list of nearby places to hit once Midnight Market is over and the crew wants to keep the good vibes flowing.

1. Porta

Porta has a special place in our hearts. The Chilltown Collective DJs have been rockin with us since the way way back. They throw an amazing dance party at Porta every Friday night and lucky for you, the party is just getting started as we're closing up shop at Midnight Market. So once you've danced the last dance with us, it's an easy 15 minute walk over to Newark Ave.

There are two areas that have DJs. The main floor is more plays more hip hop/trap/r&b/90s and it's a massive space. The Monk room downstairs is a full bashment. Down there you'll get afrobeats/dancehall/latin and most likely some 90s hip hop in the mix. Get ya twerking knees limbered up, because you're going to need them.

You'll definitely want to get on the guest list before Friday to help skip the line and get FREE entry. Click the link for more information on who'd DJing and getting on the list.

2. Six 26

Issa vibe. Six 26 is the LGBTQ+ club in Jersey City and it's a certified bop. I love this place for many reasons. One of the major ones being the energy is free spirited and sexy. The crowd is just as diverse as the crowd at Midnight Market, which is unique and should be celebrated at all times. The drinks are affordable and strong. The music is loud. The lights are low. The people are dancing- nonstop dancing.

The Get Down DJs run the party here and they never disappoint. The music ranges wildly, but always makes sense. One second you're twerking to Bodak Yellow, the next you're singing Whitney at the top of your lungs, and then the next you're Wu-Tangin to a Jersey Club remix of something you didn't expect. It's a party for sure.

You'll definitely spot a drag queen or two, in all her glory. So make sure to pay homage when in the presence of royalty.

Note: if you identify as straight, don't be running up in there trying to own the place or act like you're on a wacky bachelorette outing. We're not sending you here to gawk. It's important to note that as straight people, every space is our space, and this happens to be one that isn't. It's a beautiful thing that the community finally got a place like this. So let's be respectful. This place is a solid good time for anyone who wants to dance their ass off.

3. The Ashford

The Ashford is run by the same owners as Six 26 but it's serving us Hoboken more than Chilltown. The music here normally stays in the range of top 40 /club mixes and it gets poppin. Get Down DJs, the same dj group as Six 26 runs the party here, so they keep the same energy for sure. Through the night you'll definitely get a dose of hip hop and some early 2000s limewire classics, but it's going to lean heavy on the Jersey Shore vibes.

People definitely dance the night away here. It's a heavy drinking spot, so once that liquid courage starts flowing, forget about it. It's going down. The bars do get pretty busy, so if you can, load up on a drink or two and then settle into whatever corner you and your friends claim as your own. If you're still wondering what the ambiance here is, just think back to One Republic in Hoboken... it's the same restaurant group.

The thing I like most about The Ashford is the size of it. There's so many levels that if you're crammed, just try a different bar on a different level. I'm not kidding, I think there's 5 levels if you consider the rooftop. Keep going up the stairs to the third level and it has a sort of speakeasy landing with a smaller bar. If you can figure out who Albert is, that's our homie! Try and get him as your bartender, tell him midnight market sent you, and make sure you tip him well!

4. South House

South House is like walking into a southern pinterest dream. You can't beat the ambiance and on a Friday night, the energy is the spot is a live for sure. It's a mix between being a more sophisticated spot where you'd like to sip on a cocktail with friends and chat.... and a spot where the music is good, so when the right song hits your spirit, you gotta dance.

Legitimately, the music is usually pretty good upstairs. It's more of a spot for delicious cocktails, but a dance party breaks usually breaks out by the end of the night. Give it time for the drinks to settle and then everyone starts to get a little loose.

The downstairs gameroom is a favorite, if you want to just snag a couch in the corner and chill with the homies.

Good luck getting on pool table at that point in the night though. It's normally pretty packed, so I don't know if you've even be able to maneuver successfully with a pool cue. You might be able to score the shuffleboard or foosball tables, try it, you never know!


Listen, I may love a dive bar more than your average person, but honestly, you can't go wrong at this spot. The drinks are cheap and it's a no-frills Jersey City classic. It used to be officially called Rolon's Bar, but the keyhole shaped windows is what gave it its nickname. I've been going to this spot since before any of the previous places were even figments of Downtown's imagination and I love it. The bar was just recently taken over by new owners, so if you haven't been in years, the $3 beers and $1 jukebox plays are gone. However, the new owners are doing a good job of preserving its essences and bringing it into the new decade.

I don't suggest going here if you're trying to put your thang down, flip it, and reverse it. This is a low key spot for low key people. I'm telling you straight up that it's not a dance spot, but after busting all the moves at Midnight Market, it may be just what your spirit needs.

6. Barcade

I mean, arcade games and beer. It's pretty straight forward and glorious.

After playing games and eating all night at Midnight Market, this may be the next logical step for you and the homies. The beer list is always excellent, their mix drinks are reasonably priced, and depending on how packed it gets, you can waste many hours (and dollars) playing arcade games and talking shit with strangers.

I've been here when this place get super packed and it starts to feel like a beer hall, but that's cool too. It's all about what you and your crew are feeling.

The thing I love about Jersey City is its proximity to NYC, to Hoboken, and to Newark. So if you can't find what you're looking for in town, it's no sweat to hop on the PATH train to somewhere else.

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